November 15, 2018

7 Effective Tips to Crack NDA Entrance Exam

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Every year lakhs of aspirants take the NDA entrance examination, which is the gateway to a career in the armed forces, if you want to start as officers. Less than 1% of the people, manage to crack it and enter the prestigious National defence academy at Khadakwasla in Pune, as gentleman cadets. The institution is a first of its type tri service academy in the world, which trains officers for all the three wings of the armed forces. The written exam which is conducted by the Union public service commission or the UPSC, is followed by an extensive screening by the SSB or the services selection board, based upon areas like aptitude, psychological testing, physical abilities, teamwork, social skills and other medical tests. If you are planning to make a rewarding career at India’s largest employer ie the Army, then getting into NDA is a must after you pass out from high school. In this article we will discuss about 7 effective tips that will help you in cracking the difficult exam:

Get Inspired: Inspiration is the key to cracking difficult exams like the NDA and will provide you with fuel and motivation towards working those extra hours towards it. The Indian army is regarded as one of the finest in the world, in terms of training and capabilities, which it has proven in multiple conflicts and wars. It’s important for you to constantly keep inspiring yourselves, if you are planning to take the exam.

Time management: The NDA exam Syllabus differs greatly from ones that you are studying at school. Even before you make it into the academy, you will have to learn how to manage your time between school academics and competitive exam preparations.

Dedicate yourself: Sure those outings with friends might seem tempting to you, but ask yourself, how much time I stand to loose if I go out joyriding? You must be completely dedicated and devoted towards cracking the exam. As we have already told you less than 1% of the aspirants make it, and the ones who do have cultivated this habit.

Company: High schoolers are the most prone to peer pressure, and the company you keep is of extreme importance. Surround yourself with like minded aspirants and dedicated hard workers, even if they are not preparing for NDA but other difficult competitive exams.

Previous year papers: Previous year papers, are the key to assess the curriculum of the exam, and will also help you in time management. Time yourself when you are attempting these papers and take them seriously.

Coaching classes: Coaching classes have proven to train thousands of aspirants for the exam successfully over the years, and if you think that you need a bit of extra help you should definitely consider them. Be wise to select an institute or academy for coaching. Take feedback from fellow aspirants and alumni.

Be positive: the mental aspect of cracking competitive exams is oft neglected but nonetheless important. Don’t get disheartened by temporary failures and struggles. Persistence with the right attitude is the key to cracking exams.

We have told you briefly about 7 best tips for cracking the NDA exam. We hope this guide will help you in your journey from students to Gentleman cadets to Officers! We at centre for defence careers have successfully trained hundreds of students to careers in the armed forces and we would love to hear from you in case you have any further questions. Good luck!

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