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Making C.D.C Best NDA CDS Coaching Mumbai Thane

Indian Defence forces, a way of life which millions of Indians dream to live but no one has ever achieved anything by just dreaming and no one ever will. Especially when it comes to Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, one needs a lot more than just dreams and desires. Here comes our role, CDC (Centre for Defence Careers) “Best NDA CDS Coaching in Mumbai Thane” has been aspiring Defence forces candidates since 2008.  

Opportunities to join Indian Army,Navy and Air Force start popping up as soon as young boys and girls complete their schooling and as every opportunity is a golden one, so we stand beside you with Best NDA exam’s coaching so that unnecessary hurdles can be eliminated. Starting off with NDA exam’s batches we cover every Defence forces entry like CDS AFCAT CAPF (commissioned) Army Rally, Navy SSR AA MR Paramilitary SSC, Police Bharti etc. 

The work we do here at CDC is being appreciated by experts in the fields and awards we got, made CDC the only Award winning Defence Training institute. As joining Indian Defence Forces is not the same as to join other government and private sectors, hence unique coaching techniques have to be incorporated in order to actually train candidates minds to go through it all and pass with flying colours. Unique ways which not only train one’s body and mind but also the core personality, which changes the candidate as a person, because as the saying goes “To become an officer, first become a good citizen”.

Entries to Join Army as officers: NDA,TES, CDS, SSC, OTA, TGC; Entries to Join Navy as officers: NDA, UES, CDS and executive entries; Entries to Join Air Force as officers: NDA, CDS, AFCAT, FTS; All have different levels of difficulty and hence different approach, but confidence is still the same element in all entry which is needed. Candidates have to believe in themselves like CDC does in itself with our Special Money Back Guarantee Courses. In which we will give 100% Money back if things doesn’t work out. But we believe in our development process as its very carefully designed to get to each distinct personality of the candidates and make them capable of going through with the exam. 

CDC is going places with our spectrum of courses for not just Military but Para-military too because they too serve this country directly. Here at CDC Army bharti training and Police bharti Training goes parallel and everyone gets the same amount of attention for their respective entry. This way we ensure that candidates don’t miss out on fulfilling their dream to wear the uniform and living a life less ordinary. We at CDC aim to be the link between the adventurous life of the Indian armed forces and the potential youth we’ve got. And thus making C.D.C Best NDA CDS Coaching Mumbai Thane.



N.D.A Course offered by C.D.C

N.D.A Course offered by C.D.C IMA-Passing-Out-Parade

CDSE Course offered by C.D.C

CDSE Course offered by C.D.C

Civilian Commando Course offered by C.D.C


3 Day Residential Civilian Commando Camp

Army Bharti Course offered by C.D.C

Army Bharti Course offered by C.D.C

Army Bharti Course offered by C.D.C

Himalayan Adventure Camp by C.D.C

Himalayan Adventure Camp

Police Bharti Training Course offered by C.D.C


ParaMilitary Training Course (SSC) offered by C.D.C