N d A light


How to Prepare for NDA



  • First, Go through the syllabus, Mark all the topics that are very EASY/EASY for you. Start your preparation from these topics. (If you start preparing from Toughest Topic, chances are there you might loose interest or start finding NDA Exam too tough to CRACK).


  • Categorise the course as i) Very Easy  ii) Easy  iii) Tough  iv) Very Tough. Try to Finish Easy and Very Easy in Least possible time.


  • If you have practised for Exam well, then Please do not Guess the answer if you are not 100% sure about it, as negative marking is implied here, so every wrong answer will cost you. And that can hamper your chances severely.


  • Learn shortcuts, tricks, Basics, etc in mathematics, physics as in few questions, answer can be thought just by looking at the options instead of solving the whole questions.


  • Read newspaper, magazines, journal, etc. Make it a habit.


  • Practice previous year question paper as much as possible.


  • Remember you should play on your Strength, the Topics/ Subject you are comfortable in, you have to score Maximum in those and the Topics/ Subject that are tough for you, you need to work very hard for that try to earn extra marks in these topics.


  • You might have Listen or Read that NDA Exam is very Tough But It is not, you just have to plan well. Remember the cutoff of NDA written Exam is very low as compared to other Exams.


So, Best of Luck, Do Well in Exam. If you want any help feel Free to Call/ WhatsApp us at 9320704957. We will try our Best to help you.