Level – Alpha [Á]


*     Learn the age old & modern techniques of body fitness & strength from the toughest people/ breed in the country.


*     Body shaping, strength, fitness, and agility training all without the heavy machines.


*     Quick response with a clever plan comes with practice & balance. Learn how to think fast in a critical situation.

The program has been designed on the lines of US Navy Seals & NSG Commando training workout plan. The ‘Civilian Commando
Training’ Program in its entirety is a sole proprietary program of Centre For Defence Careers (C.D.C).


*     Basics of commando training workouts.

*    Basics of self Defence mechanism.

*    QRR Quick reaction & response to situations.

*    Body shaping with free hand exercises.

*    Use of daily objects as exercise & fitness tools.

*    Save big on expensive gym.

*    You will learn how to gain an attractive physique & fitness without heavy machines & gym.


*     Body conditioning.

*    Navy seal’s warm-ups.

*    Free hand strength training & bodywork outs.

*    Rope workouts.

*    Quick reaction training.

*    Power training.

*    Obstacle training.

*    Self Defence training.

cdc Training

*     Male & females above 15 – 40 years (Age limit can be flexible for candidates with exceptional fitness condition & background).

*    Individuals looking for a new part-time / full time career avenue.

*    Individuals seeking for higher income.

*    Individuals interested in gaining an attractive physique & fitness without heavy machines & gym.

*    Also people struggling for fat loss or fat gain.

*    Individuals who are fitness enthusiast, athlete’s, interested in any kind of sports, associated with self Defence or martial arts like; Karate, Kung Fu etc.

*     Rs. 8,000/- plus taxes extra.

*    Fees include

  • C.D.C printed logo exercise T-Shirt.

cdc training1

*    Certificate of completion.

*    Fitness up gradation program.

*    Entry to level Bravo & Charlie programs.IMG_0252